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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As I promised...

Sorry it took so long to finally post the pictures of the crib and such...but we had to take a slight detour to the hospital this afternoon because I started bleeding again. Dang it all to heck! I bled, quit, and dried up. I cramped, kept cramping, and then kept cramping. They treated me for preterm labor, sent me home with strict instructions to take it easy and lay low until my appointment on the 4th. I'm just so thrilled they let me come home.

Let the Blessings Flow!

My mom came through and realized that I was getting very anxious about not having a crib so she sent me money and Jess and I bought the crib last night. We also set it up last night and put all the crib sheets and stuff on there. :) We are so very blessed with the family we have...ALL of them are just so great and provide us with everything from support and phone calls checking on us to money for cribs to dinner every Sunday night.

Photobucket is having issues...I'll post the pictures later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

26 weeks, 1 day

We've made it two weeks past the initial bleeding episode! That's always good news. We now have the nursery pretty much put together. We are waiting till the end of November to get the crib and changing table from my mom. Jess' dad should be retiring at the end of the year so we are hoping that he'll do a nice mural in our nursery for us once he has retired. It's okay if it's not done before she is here since she'll be sleeping in our room for the first few months. We have three baby showers planned over the next three months! Craziness I know. I hoping that somewhere in those baby showers we are blessed with the huge baby gate we need, the high chair, and the pack and play.
As for my health I am doing well. I have contractions for a few days and then they go away. I'm having some pretty severe pain at the top of my belly, right where my rib cage comes together. I'm sure it's just my expanding belly. I've decided the true miracle of birth isn't the baby (although babies are miracles too). The miracle is a woman's ability to completely forget about her experiences as a pregnant woman, her experiences in labor, and her experiences in delivery. I am getting quite bored and annoyed with all the rest...moving from the couch to the bed to the couch to the bed. If I'm good and rest all the time I am able to go to Julia's soccer practices and the girls parent-teacher conferences and crib scouting and cooking. So I guess it's worth it to rest all the time if I get to do normal people stuff sometimes.
All of our size small G diapers have now come in. We have two orange, one pink, one light blue, one green, and one creme. They are super duper cute and we are excited to use them on her little bottom.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let Go, Let God

I first heard that statement from my mom when I was going through some really bad times in college. I feel like it's become my motto through the years. I teach our children what it means to live that statement. I've told Jess to Let Go, Let God. Well now that I'm facing some pretty scary things I feel like it has once again come to the forefront of my thinking.
We went in for a sonogram on Tuesday morning to check my placenta and Peanut. Well Peanut was in there sucking her thumb with her other arm wrapped around above her little noggin. She was just kicked back and relaxed. She is weight in at about 1 pound 1 oz. Her head and legs are measuring right on track. Every other measurement is about 1 week behind...they said she looks tall and skinny. LOL. My placenta is less than 1 centimeter away from my cervix. I guess this makes it "marginal placenta previa" or low lying placenta. There is still hope that in 3 weeks my placenta will move completely out of the way, but even the doctor is really cautious about that. It's moved less than 1/2 a cm in the past 6 weeks and we need it to move at LEAST 2 cm in the next 3 weeks. Jess is absolutely terrified...her job as a NICU nurse just became extremely personal so she is dealing with a lot of those issues and fears. I am pretty relaxed. I have Let Go and Let God. I know that I am doing a darn good job of protecting Peanut. She's doing GREAT and seems completely unaffected by everything going on with me. If she is to be born early I know she will be okay...but I am going to do my best to keep her in there cookin for a few more months. We will get through this...she will get through this...I have faith.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bed Rest, Part I

Many of you may be wondering why I put part 1. Well chances are within the next few weeks I will be in the hospital again because of bleeding and be released once again on bed rest. That is IF i have any type of placenta previa. We think from what the doctor said at the hospital that I have marginal placenta previa. Everyone needs to believe that my placenta will move before I bleed again.
Being on best rest is not one of my favorite things in the world. I am not the type of person that can "just sit" or "just lay". Right now I can see at least three or four things I need to do around this house. Luckily our house is fairly clean and most of the things are already done. Jess is trying really hard to make sure everything is done so that I don't have the temptation to get up and do. All I know is...
I am NOT delivering this baby before it's safe.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


We're home now. They figured they weren't doing anything for her that we couldn't do at home. We're supposed to check in with the doc tomorrow to see what she wants to do. Until further notice she's not supposed to do anything. For now she's not bleeding or cramping and she's supposed to keep it slow on her diet. If anything else at all happens we're supposed to go straight back. I'll keep you all posted.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The hospital ALREADY?!

This is Jess and I have a little update. Kathy is in the hospital at least for overnight. She started having bright red bleeding around noon today and called me at work. I left straight away and went to get her to bring her to the hospital. She'd called the on call Dr. and he told her to go straight to the hospital.

They monitored the baby for a few hours and did a sonogram and some blood tests. So far they think that it's just that her placenta is a little low still. The baby is still happy in there and doing all the things she's supposed to.

I'll update more as we know more.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Today I realized how much I've been nesting. I am crazy serious about getting our house clean and keeping it clean. I want the books on the bookshelves clean. I get anxiety seeing a single piece of litter on the floor. The kids and Jess are doing well at responding to my need for cleanliness. Charlotte is really staying on top of the dishes and even volunteered to tear up tack boards in our bathroom because she knew that I wouldn't be able to get on the floor and do it myself. The kids and I sorted out and cleaned every single ounce of baby clothes, blankets, socks, beanies, and towels. We did five loads of baby clothes today. I sure as heck hope that in our 3 baby showers people only buy us things that are 3-6 months and bigger. Between Jess and I we have acquired WAY too many newborn and 0-3 month old clothes. I organized the nursery today as much as I could without all the furniture in there. We were vacuuming the entire house once a week, but now I'm having each of the kids vacuum once a week (Julia on Wednesdays and Charlotte on Sundays). And in between those times I've actually vacuumed certain rooms. I feel like I might be going crazy. I had a root canal yesterday and have felt pretty horrible. Last night I went crazy picking up the house and I did WAY WAY too much in cleaning, over cleaning, and organizing today. I'm paying for it all now...and have all day but I just can't seem to stop cleaning and organizing. Thought I would share this with everyone so that those people I see in my life won't think I've lost my marbles when I apologize for having a messy home even when they may think it's not messy at all.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Diabetic Diet

Someone asked me what my new diet is like so I thought I'd let them know.

Breakfast: 30g of carbs w/ protein (ex three slices of turkey bacon, two eggs)

AM Snack: 30g of carbs w/protein (ex sugar free pudding pack, nuts, 12 pretzel sticks)

Lunch: 45g of carbs w/protein (sandwich, 15 carbs worth of chips, pickles, cheese)

PM Snack: 30g of carbs w/protein (yogurt, nut clusters)

Dinner: 45g of carbs w/protein and veggies (tuna patties, green beans, asparagus, garlic bread slice)

Bedtime Snack: 30g of carbs w/protein (1 cup chocolate ice cream w/crushed nuts)

I try to eat as much dairy and veggies as I can...some other snacks I have are homemade ranch with veggies, apple sauce, orange juice, celery and peanut butter, cheese

I also take 3 Flinstone vitamins each day and one Viactiv chew. I drink lots and lots of water...and try to have only 1 or 2 glasses of diet pop a day. Some days I'm better than others. I've learned that some foods are worth using my carbs for and some foods just aren't worth it. You'd be surprised at how many carbs are in even healthy's pretty crazy what it does to blood sugar levels.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall pictures of the girls

These were taken today...

"Wedding photos"