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Friday, November 20, 2009

10 Months Old!

Delaney is 10 months old! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.

Since last month she

  • cruises across EVERYTHING and attempts to let go and take a step
  • climbs stairs proficiently
  • is saying ya ya ya ya and sssssssssssss
  • makes a new scrunchy face
  • plays opossum when she doesn't want to be engaged by someone
  • can eat a piece and a half of pizza no problem
  • has a preference for what clothes she wears
  • likes her new shoes
  • is going to weekly physical therapy and LOVES her PT Michelle
  • still has no teeth and no hint of one to come
  • is becoming better at going to others
  • LOVES the outdoors
  • LOVES winter hats
  • has tubes put in

Playing Wizard School

The girls had T and P over yesterday to hang out and play. They came up with an impromptu game of "Wizard School". I'm pretty sure T and P had never even heard about wizards or wands but hey whatever LOL!

Julia and Delaney

Delaney and Charlotte Time

Charlotte playing dress up with D
Sisters working on the tree together
Playing on the floor
Airplane is one of their favorite games
She's so happy to be with her sis
Delaney is starting to try to say ssssiiiiiisssss

Charlotte and Delaney have a very special bond. Delaney literally lights up whenever Charlotte is in the room. Charlotte has found her maternal side because of Delaney. They have a very special sister bond.

Buggy has tubes

She loved playing in the playhouse in the waiting room
Posing in the new pjs Gpa Mikey sent her for her surgery
Waiting on surgery
Leaving the hospital

Charlotte and I got up at 5:30 this morning and to take Delaney to Children's Mercy to have her tubes surgery. We all know that Delaney is very picky with people so having nurses and doctors coming in and out and touching her wasn't the best experience. And then when the nurse took her from me to walk into the operating room she looked terrified. We both got through it though and she is now sleeping off the medicines.

Good-bye Uterus!

Jess said goodbye to her uterus this week!

Jess did really good with the surgery. The pain has been a TON less than she thought it would be. She is having some issues with her bladder but we are hoping that all calms down as she heals.

The day of surgery Jess' dad, Mike, me and Delaney all hung out in the hospital all day. Delaney did so great. She played with her toys, with me, and with her Papa Mike. She even displayed a new trick of playing opossum when she doesn't want to have people talk to her. It was HILARIOUS! I wish I had gotten it on tape.

Jess was released from the hospital within 24 hours and is now at home healing and relaxing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Share with us

Delaney will be 11 months old at Christmastime. We are wanting toys that are safe, challenging, stimulating, etc. Her birthday is in January so we are also looking for birthday presents. If you have ANY suggestions on what your kids likes or what you plan on getting your little person please share!!!

If you have any vegetarian meals you like share those!

If you know any nut and egg free products share those!

Do you have any books that you'd suggest for a 1-2 year old? 8 year old? 13 year old?

P.S. Delaney got her first pair of Stride Rite shoes this week. Thanks Gramme!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

School Pictures for the big girls


She was given the all clear from the cardiologist. She has a benign murmur that will not affect the function of her heart. Yippee for good news!!!

Physical Therapy

Delaney's physical therapy is going well. She goes for 1 hour once a week. She loves playing with the new toys and she loves her therapist. They are working on right sided weakness. We have further testing to do in regards to the weakness and it's cause, but for right now we are just focusing on our beautiful daughter and how perfect she is in our eyes.