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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays

In this home we celebrate Christmas. It was magical around here the night we opened Christmas Eve gifts and the morning we opened Christmas presents. We spent lots of time with Uncle Chris and Gma and Papa. Delaney really got in to opening gifts this year. It really brought the magic back for her sisters.

Some highlights.

Charlotte played two songs she'd memorized on the keyboard.

Julia's face after reading the Elf on the Shelf book.

Delaney patting the presents.

Charlotte's face after opening the largest sketch book ever.

Julia climbing on my lap to read her portion of the Christmas Story.

Delaney's face upon seeing her new doll and the crib to go with the doll.

Charlotte's ability to help spark the magic of Christmas for her sisters.

Julia having a magical afternoon/evening with her grandma.

Delaney loving on her grandma, grandpa, and Uncle Chris.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a magical holiday for our kids.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julia Bean Turns 9!!!!

To think this is where is all started for me...I know Jess and her dad go back to the beginning but for me this is where I entered her life story. And I think of this little face everytime I close my eyes and think of Julia.

I cannot believe our little beanie is 9 years old. Gosh... I remember when I met her. When it started for me. Those curls and that smile. Oh my that smile. She has grown since then. Today I would describe Julia has upbeat, helpful, loving, passionate, creative, active, super intelligent, insanely loyal, and viciously protective.

I am so grateful to be her "mama". Raising and homeschooling her has been nothing short of a challenge but also one of the most rewarding adventures I have ever been on. To see just how intelligent she is first hand is mind blowing. To watch her build and create and draw and play keyboard and experiment with new things brings a smile to my face. To watch her be ferociously protective of Char (when they aren't fighting) and Delaney makes me proud.

Her totally awesome birthday cake. Jess came up with the idea and I got our wedding cake decorator to make it for Julia. We could not have imagined a better cake.

Now this is an awesome reaction to seeing the cake for the first time.

Totally worth keeping it a surprise! :)

The perfect doll from Grandma and Papa! She sleeps with her. She plays with her. She's totally in love.

Her Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dylan sent her real rollerskates. I think she liked them lol

Um yeah she totally loved them!!!

Watching her open presents is fun!

She LOVES LOVES LOVES Jess found this game and we couldn't resist!

She is not short of facial expressions.

She is in love with animals. Jess and her mom (Grandma) found this while they were out looking for other things. I don't think they could have picked a more perfect gift for Julia.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beaux Babies

Our friend makes custom bows and bow holders. She has asked to donated a % of December sales to Delaneys medical expenses. If you have Facebook please go check them out. Pass the info along to everyone you know!!!!!!

Beaux Babies

Tell them we sent you.