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Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Homeschool Park Day

Today was such a beautiful day! 75 degrees. Luckily we were able to enjoy it with fellow homeschoolers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's play catch up

Jess is still working...a lot lol.

I am still at home...schooling, cooking, taxi driving the kids around, etc

Charlotte will be 14 soon, GULP! In school Charlotte has completed Earth and Space Science, 8th grade vocabulary, 8th grade grammar, and 8th grade history. She has only missed 1 math problem in the last 14 math assignments in her Algebra 1. She is currently studying African American History, Astronomy, When the cage bird sings, Algebra 1, and piano. She is going to take Japanese through Co-op this term. They are going to learn about the theme of clothes from the kimono to the avant garde styles of today. They will learn to speak Japanese through their lessons on clothes. She also auditioned for the Team Shakespeare and Heartland of American Shakespeare Festival plays. She should find out next week if she got cast in one or both. She feels like she did really well. She said that she's gained so much confidence over the past year that she's "certain she nailed it". If she gets in the HoA play it will give her professional credit. Charlotte is also helping out on Monday afternoons across the street at the elementary school. She is assisting the art teacher during his hour of kindergardeners. She LOVES it and it's inspired her to look more into becoming an elementary art teacher. She is also about to start a saturday class offered by our parks and rec department about American History the 20s & 30s.
Julia turned 9 and boy has she grown up all of a sudden. Such a "big kid" now...not our "little kid" anymore. In school Julia has completed 3rd grade history, 3rd grade vocabulary, 3rd grade Earth and Space Science, and 3rd grade grammar. She is still working hard at her spelling, 3rd grade math, and piano. She is reading The Voice on the Radio. Julia will be taking mythology during Co-op this term. They will learn about all the major figures in mythology and by the end will create their own Trojan Horse. It should be a lot of fun. Julia is going to brush up on some swimming skills this March and is hoping to try out for a local swim team in June. This will be a huge time commitment for her (practice five days a week) but she is super excited about the opportunity. She is very ready for the weather to get warmer so she can spend more time in trees and dirt. She is becoming quite the artist. Honing her skills. She also continues to work on her building skills. I believe she and two friends are starting a book club as well. We will have to make sure the friendship of these three little smarty pants lasts a long long time.
Delaney turned 2. Holy cow my baby is a full fledged toddler. She is a ball of attitude. She is still proving to be quite the medical complexity but she sure keeps life interesting. She is still speaking gibberish but we think we have decoded some of it to mean actual words. She loves loves music. She is newly interested in dancing with one of us while we hold her. She can still sit for a long while and look at books. She is in therapy three to four times a week. She continues to struggle with her immune system which limits where we can go. She loves her tryke that she got for Christmas. It's got a five point harness and foot pegs that she can use because she can't pedal. It also has a steering handle for us to push and steer her. She is trying to potty on the potty but gets very very disappointed in herself when she has an accident. She also gets very upset with herself if she gets her clothes dirty at all. We are working on her trying to accept the dirt lol.