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Friday, October 30, 2009

Buggy's Many Halloween Outfits

We wanted to post a picture of all of Delaney's halloween outfits. She got her only "Baby's 1st Halloween" outfit from her Aunt Shelly...a hand-me-down from Violet. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the striped pants. OMG! She got two footie with an absolutely adorable pumpkin on the rear from Annie and Avery! :) I purchased the orange boo outfit before I even thought about getting pregnant. And Jess and I got the mummy outfit when we got pregnant with Delaney. Finally there is the skull outfit that is her "costume". All the girls are going to be Sleep Over Sisters.I will post all the pictures of them together on Sunday or Monday. We LOVE you guys! And Delaney LOVES her outfits. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vampire Corn Maze

The kids and I went to the Louisburg Apple Cider Mill last night. We played around on hay bales, took lots of pictures, looked at pumpkins, chatted with some goats, sat by a bon fire, went on a hayrack ride, and then did a 10acre vampire corn maze in the dark with flashlights. We all had a BLAST and then this morning we ate apple cider donuts. YUM YUM YUM

Friday, October 23, 2009


Okay so we don't really eat a lot of meat around here. We eat some chicken and turkey and fish but that's about it. We eat lots of beans and dairy, however we used to also rely heavily on nuts and eggs as forms of protein but obviously can't do that any longer. I am going to attempt to start trying to use Tofu. Can ANYONE out there please send me your best recipes for using tofu. I need ALL the help I can get. We want to cut down on how much actual meat we are consuming and the only way to do that is tofu.

9 months old (a week late!)

Delaney is officially 9 months old. Here is what is going on with Delaney:

  • She is still crawling with on leg tucked under
  • She is vocalizing a TON (ba ba ba, da da da, ma ma ma, ga ga ga, pa pa pa, na na na)
  • She eats what we eat
  • Still no teeth
  • Still not much hair
  • Loves dressing up, wearing hats, socks, and shoes
  • She loves blocks and her glow worm
  • She kisses and is working on waving
  • She is starting to go to other people more...but still prefers only me (mommy) after 6:30pm
  • She LOVES napping with mom and has started cuddling with her in the night
  • She has started to learn how to traverse obstacles including people, stairs, and toys. She just climbs right over them
  • She loves playing outside on the ground. She loves leaves and grass and MUD
  • She totally enjoys her new big girl carseat (Thanks Gramme) and is a great traveller
  • She is much happier in the van than in the car.
  • She is allergic to eggs and nuts (found out by assumptions and then a blood test)
  • We are a nut and egg free home...and now carry epi pens
  • She will start attending Physical Therapy to help loosen her muscles in her right leg (probably still tight from her breech position in utero
  • Her favorite foods are black beans, laughing cow cheese, ritz crackers, green beans, and pears.
  • She weighed in at 13lbs 9oz Less than 3rd%
  • Her height was 25 inches right at 3rd%

Papa Mike Shows Us the Orion Meteor Shower

The big girls stayed the night with their grandparents Tuesday night. Jess and I set our alarm for 4:30a.m. We got up and met Papa Mike, Charlotte, and Julia at Kill Creek Park to see the Orion Meteor Shower. Papa Mike thought it would be neat for the girls to see all the shooting stars. It was a little cloudy but we did all get to see several shooting stars and hope to do this again next year. After the meteor shower we all went out to breakfast.