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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping it up

To say that this year has been difficult is a complete understatement. We have been tested and tried so many times this year. Our baby girl has gone through so so so much. We as a family have in turn gone through it all with her. We have also had some amazing blessings this year...first and foremost the birth of our beautiful wonderful baby girl! We can't believe she is almost 1 already. She should have been born 1 year ago today but that's a whole other story. For those of you that have followed us that might remember the doctor's appointment that brought me to tears 1 year ago today. Another blessing is that Charlotte has really found her footing this year. She has blossomed and grown. She is more outgoing and strong. We are so very very proud of who she is becoming. Of course Julia has added her blessings too. She has grown in her self control, her love of reading, and her adventurous spirit. She has exploded within homeschooling and we are just so proud of our now 8 year old girl! I have grown closer to my lovely wife this year. We have always loved each other but there is nothing like the health of a child to try to pull two people apart. However it hasn't pulled us has made us one unbeatable team! Homeschooling has been a challenge but we have finally found our groove and we are super excited about what 2010 will bring for us in regards to this adventure. We have made some irreplaceable friends through homeschooling and through family this year. We don't know how we would have made it without their support. We said goodbye to the most amazing man ever this year. We are still deeply sadden by his absence, but we are surviving and thriving.

We have some pretty big plans for 2010. We are all very excited for this New Year. Charlotte hopes to become proficient in sewing. She wants to learn stop motion animation and world religions in homeschooling co-op. She also hopes to learn how to take care of and show cows through a friend of ours. Charlotte will also become a full fledge teenager in 2010. GULP! Julia is hoping to learn construction physics and explorers space in homeschooling co-op. She's hoping to become closer to her bestie Jordyn this year through get togethers at least twice a week. Julia also made a goal to read a chapter book a week for the entire year. Delaney is super eager to learn Mommy and Me yoga through homeschooling co-op. She is also hoping to learn how to walk and talk in 2010. Delaney will also celebrate her very first birthday! Jess and I are hoping to take the kids on a couple of mini vacations. We are hoping to go out on a few dates and take a few get away weeksends (with the baby of course). I have a goal of making it through 2010 still breastfeeding. Like I said...2010 is full of a ton of potential for our little clan. :)

Sorry it was so choppy...with three kids and my mom in the room while I type it's hard to concentrate!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I promise I haven't forgotten about the blog. I have been so preoccupied lately that I just haven't been focused on blogging everything.

I do want to pose a question for all the parents out there...does anyone else feel this way?? Even when the kids are horrible and misbehaving and disrespectful I still find it fun to go shopping for them. LOL

Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

This morning Jess and I went to the store while the girls worked on their school work. Julia instructed us what to get while we were there with her birthday money. We bought her a really cool "nutcase" skateboard helmet that has an 8 on the top of it. She LOVED it! We also found her a really cool skateboard shirt that went a little over her budget but it was too cute to pass up. We went to Red Robin for lunch (they do a GREAT job of catering to customers with allergies)! Now we are back home and Julia is outside doing her thing on her board. Sometime this week we will get together the pictures from her party yesterday and will post them!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Julia turns 8! (on Monday)

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Julia! Happy Birthday to you! We love you so much Julia truly are a blessing in our lives!!!!!

Julia on her way to Arkansas for the first time Fall 2007
In the backyard...Fall 2007
Our wedding reception September 2008
At the school playground October 2008

Posing at Southlake Park Summer 2008

Meeting her sister for the first time January 16, 2009

Such a good big sister March 2009

On a walk with all of us May 2009

She climbed to the highest point on the Rocky Mtn Range in Estes Park with Papa Mike
June 2009
Playing in the pool in Estes Park, CO with Natalie, Carla, Delaney, Charlotte, and I
June 2009

Playing with her cousin Natalie...they are best buddies
Estes Park, CO June 2009
Running around at a roadside picnic on our way to Colorado
June 2009

Playing with a shark mask at the Dever Aquarium
June 2009

After enjoying all those photos of the lovely Julia I am sure you are all eager to hear what happened during her 7th year
  • she visited Arkansas and Colorado
  • she started homeschooling
  • she met several lifelong friends this year (Violet, Tatum, Porter, and Jordyn)
  • her reading has really really kicked off this past year...she's read books like A Little Princess, 2 Boxcar Children books, Swiss Family Robinson, Five Little Peppers, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and many many more
  • she went to her first drama camp during the summer of her 7th year and did GREAT in the performance
  • she took a drama class with her homeschool co-op and got the lead role this fall
  • she became a big sister during her 7th year! she has really really become such a lovely big sister...she is caring and protective and playful!
  • she went to see her first big girl play with her Grandma Belinda. It was Annie and she LOVED it!
  • She is fascinated with counting money, doing math of any sort, learning about countries and oceans, and doing creative & narrative writing
  • She is less into bugs and wayyy more into cars and building
  • She is spunky and lively
  • she is 4feet 2inches tall and catching up on her big sister quick
  • She still loves to snuggle and sleeps like a champ. She is also getting way more adventurous in her food choices including steamed broccoli as one of her favorite foods!
  • And speaking of food she is learning to cook and actively attempting to single handedly cooking a meal!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving in Arkansas 2009

This year we were separated for Thanksgiving. Jess stayed in Kansas to recover from her hysterectomy while I took all the girls to Arkansas to have Thanksgiving with my family.