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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun with Julia

Me Julia and Delaney went to Crown Center today. We saw the Lego exhibit, went to Kaleidoscope, and played in the fountains. (*Shelly this is one of the places I want to take you guys! I think Violet would love the fountains and the art projects in Kaleidoscope!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad Blogger

I haven't posted much over this month. Sorry to all those that actually read our little blog.

*Jess had her birthday on the 19th! She is so amazing. I think I've said that a time or two, but she really is. She got some great gifts and we had a fantastic day together!! I feel sad that I didn't post a proper post but I know she understands!
**I gave Jess a beautiful 5 month old daughter :)
**Jess' mom & dad gave her Wii Fit, the Wii Fit start kit, and some moola
**My mom gave her moola
**My dad gave her a necklace
**Bill gave her a funny card
**The kids made cards
**Her brother got her Freaks and Geeks DVD

*Wii Fit is deceitful! It kicks your BEhind and you don't even know it. Especially that hula hoop game!

*Delaney is getting up on all fours...crawling is in our future

*Cousin Vincent is starting to walk unassisted! So proud!

*Charlotte got a lead in this year's Camp Shakespeare play Merry Wives of Windsor. She is Mistress Page. We know she will be great!

*We are loving the signing time videos. Me, Jess, the big girls, and Delaney all like the videos. Very well done. Jess and I even had a brief ASL convo during church Sunday. Hey! It's rude to speak outloud so we signed instead! :)

*We are planning a special trip with a very special friend in August. We are all so very excited to spend some quality time with our friend and her daughter. Drinking KC beer, eating good food, visiting neat sites, and wonderful conversation. Ahhh just the thought makes me smile. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Elephants...Bach...and a Sweet Baby Angel

Wednesday baby *J* went to be with the angels in heaven. He was born early but he sure was a fighter from what I've heard from Jess. He was transferred to Children's Mercy Hospital 3.5 months ago...and that is the day Jess starting falling in love and taking care of that little boy. His parents were told that he probably wouldn't make it, but you know what...he lived a little over 6 months. He went downhill about two months ago but pulled through. He was such a trooper. And regardless of the tubes coming out of him he managed to laugh and entertain his mom, dad, and the nurses that took care of him.

I heard one of his favorite things were these two elephants that his parents bought him to put on his mobile. Every time these little elephants made their way into his view he would smile this HUGE smile. He also LOVED the Bach song that came on. Jess didn't mind working 4 shifts a week (almost 50 hours) because she got to spend the day with this little guy and his family.

Wednesday little *J* passed away. His body just couldn't fight anymore. His parents showed so much grace that day. They allowed numerous friends and family to come and hold their son. Love on him. Kiss him. Talk to him. Say goodbye to him. And then they spent time alone with him. I cannot imagine the strength that day took for these two loving parents.

Today Jess is at baby *J*'s funeral. She drove an hour north to attend. I really hope that she is able to stay in contact with his parents. By telling this...I am hoping that (1) everyone out there prays for their continued strength and perseverance. (2) prays for baby *J*'s peace. (3) holds your children tight today for them. (4) prays that someday baby *J* sends his parents a big fat overdue little chunky monkey that goes home from the hospital after 24 hours and lives happily ever after. I also tell you this because I amazed by the strength of his parents AND the strength of the three nurses that took care of him around the clock. The three nurses that worked this final week of his life and vowed to be there in his final moments. I want to say how proud I am to be married to such a wonderful, compassionate, loving, devoted woman.

I heard these stories about baby *J* from Jess. I never met him. I did however laugh at the stories. Get to know the little guy. I made signs for his 5 month birthday and his 6 month birthday for his bedspace at the NICU. And I cried in the final week of his inspiring little life. I am so glad that he was in our lives even if his time here was cut way to short!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 Months

*10lbs 14.5oz
*Eating solids
*Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day, every 3-5 hours at night
*Sleeps from 9:30-2:30 then from 3:00-6:30 most nights
*Laughs almost constantly
*Talks a LOT
*Can sit unassisted
*Pulls her knees up under her while pushing up during tummy time
*Preferred positions are sitting or standing, but in almost constant contact with me or Jess
*Can pull up on our fingers to standing position
*Loves water
*Still fits in some newborn clothes but is now almost solely in 0-3 month clothes.
*wonderful and amazing

Monday, June 8, 2009

Grandpa Mikey

Uncle Michael

We spent the night with Uncle Michael on our way in to visit the grandparents

Watching Signing Time while I packed the car

Making faces at one another

Sleeping on the table at Cheeburger Cheeburger

Fun with Gramme AR 6-2009


The loot! An exesaucer, highchair, rubber duckies, clothes, toys, sippie cup, bibs

Jeep Stroller



Hangin with Gramme


Sitting in Gramme's Chair

At dinner

Fun times

Rocking with mommy in the rocking chair

She LOVES rocking chairs

Rocking in the chair outside of Cracker Barrel

Spending time looking at the ducks, turtles, and enjoying the water

Spending the morning on Gramme's Deck

Sugar saying bye bye to Delaney