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Monday, November 29, 2010

Many Have Asked

Many have sent private messages on text and facebook and email asking how they can help.

Prayer is number one! The power of prayer is unbeatable.

Research Mitochondrial Disease and be an ambassador of knowledge for all of those affected by Mito. Share what you know. Ask questions for what you don't know.

Assistance for when we are in the hospital, etc. We each have talents. We ask that occasionally you share your talents with our family. :)

Keep leaving messages. We love love love to read all the support and love and care.

We need to fundraise to help offset some of the uncovered costs. If anyone has an expertise in this we would appreciate the help. We are so busy with daily life that fundraising is always an after thought but a necessary evil. We have paypal set up on our blog if you want to share that. We also have a fundraiser started on Give Forward. You can share that link on facebook, twitter, and your blog. We are also trying to figure out tshirt and arm band sales for after the new year.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The report is in

We have our report with Delaneys diagnosis. If you would like to know what it says please visit

Update on the kids. Char is working super hard creatively and academically. She is almost completely finished with 8th grade. She has done several murals that I'm hoping to post soon. She has started sewing again and is planning some projects with fleece. Julia is also booming creatively and academically. She is getting super close to being done with 3rd grade. She is a whiz at math facts. She has been building with legos again and creating some masterpieces. I will have to take some pictures soon. Delaney has pneumonia and a kidney infection. She is now on oxygen almost full time. However she is working diligently on putting on her own socks. She loves smoothing out her bed blankets and watching movies.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Uncle Chris

This is an old picture of Chris and Jess. They have been through a LOT together and in the end they always find their way back to one another's side. I know that Jess' heart overflows with love for her friend.

I wanted to let the girls Uncle Chris know in a very public way how much we love him. How proud of him we are. We all need pick me ups. We all need to know we are appreciated and are loved without condition. We all need to know that those around us notice and are proud of us. And I have the unique ability to do this for Chris in a very public way through my blog.

Chris has grown leaps and bounds this year. He has matured in a way that only "valleys" can do to you. He has accomplished more in his career this year than in previous years. He has worked hard to learn himself. He has been a great friend. His love for the girls is felt from thousands of miles away. He is constantly texting words of love and encouragement. He skypes them. When he comes in town he ALWAYS blocks out time to just spend with the girls. Recently he sent us a request to have the girls watch the Katy Perry music video of Firework. He wanted the girls to know they are fireworks. They are amazing. He is THAT type of guy. He is loving and caring and growing.

Here is Chris with Delaney in July

Here is Chris with Julia at Christmas 2009

Here is another with Delaney in Mexico...poor girl was exhausted and Chris just sat with her and snuggled her

This is an amazing photo of Charlotte with Chris...walking down the isle at Bill's wedding

This is a photo of Chris on yeah seriously DEXTER! Totally cool and totally proud of him :)

And here is the video he wanted our girls to see and hear.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sleep Study

For those of you that don't follow Delaney's carepage here are some images from last night's sleep study. It was a horrible experience.