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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Charlotte's Poem about Maya Angelou

Yesterday we watched Oprah's Allstars about Maya Angelou. The girls joined us and I think we all learned a whole lot. Charlotte has always felt connected to her poetry. Over a year ago she put Phenomenal Woman into a song. Today she shared with us a poem she had written for Ms. Angelou.

Her Words: A Poem About Maya Angelou
by Charlotte

She speaks her words
And the whole world stops
Just to listen
Her words are powerful
All people
Whether black or white
Male or female
Gay or straight
Conservative or libral
Listen to her words
They may not like
The color of her skin
But they love her words
She can sing her words
With the gentle coo
Of a dove
Or speak her words
With the ferocity
And low growl
Of a tiger
She speaks her words
And the world changes
Her words are
Her words are
Her words are

1 comment:

K J and the kids said...

What an AMAZING little poet you have there.
Send that in to oprah.