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Friday, April 30, 2010

Delaney goes to the ER

This morning Delaney had an absent seizure followed by all of her arms and legs thrashing and her eyes rolling. All lasted a total of 2.5 to 3 minutes. Since our pediatrician instructed us to go to the ER if one lasted more than 2 minutes we got her dressed, loaded her up, and went off to the ER. We waited for 4 hours and then they decided to do a CT. It came back clear. Afterwards they finally called and spoke to Dr Faccini in neurology. He prescribed a drug called Zonegran. It only comes in capsule form and isn't indicated for people under 16. I was immediately upset by that. I had heard nothing of this medication before and was not about to rely on her to take food from a spoon to take the medication since it was in capsule form. We called the pediatrician and told her how we felt about giving her that medication. She agreed with us and called the neurology team at CMH. Dr. Faccini said that he liked Zonegran better and it was easier to give once a day than Keppra was twice a day. She politely asked for the Keppra dosage anyway and called me back. She explained his reasoning. Asked how I felt and I said that I'd rather her go unmedicated than be on that medication because my "mommy gut" was telling me it wasn't safe for Delaney. Other parents may disagree but I wasn't in that place. She then said she would call in Keppra and the emergency medication. So today we learned that 3-5 of the seizures she's had are considered tonic clonic (grand mal) and 2 are considered Absent Seizures (petit mal). We also have a plan of action if she has more and we are still trying to get into St Louis Children's Seizure Clinic.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A walk to the Farmers Market Pavilion

Pastor Doug Brown

Pastor Doug meant more to our family than I think many know. He was there for almost every major event in our marriage. He was there to pray with us. He was there to laugh with us. He was there to cry with us. He was there to share with us. He asked questions to really learn about us. He offered personal details about himself to help us feel less alone. He delivered sermons is the most amazing way. He literally lived and breathed his faith and it showed in everything he did. He loved us for exactly how GOD made us. We love him and are very sad to see him leave us here on earth.

We were going to attend his funeral but because we had not been through the entire winter (because of Delaney) we felt like it would cause a commotion for us to go. We didn't want people (very well meaning) to start asking about Delaney and us because we didn't want it to pull away from Pastor Doug's funeral. Instead we held a very private memorial in our home. We turned everything off and we shared stories of Doug. Vacation bible school, monologue and song sermons, prayer before surgeries, prayer over the phone for our sweet baby girl, visits in the office, talk of marriage, choir practice, sunday school visits, youth group talks.... Once we were done sharing Charlotte led us in a prayer. And in true Doug fashion we sang some songs that meant a lot to us and that we'd heard at church. After songs I led the family in prayer. It was special and I will always remember our time celebrating Pastor Doug.

We love you!

Friday, April 23, 2010

15 months (late)

Wow things have changed this month. She has started walking. She can climb and go down a slide at the playground. She got glasses. She still doesn't sleep well. Still breast feeds. Made a new little boy friend named Kyle at her infant class (group therapy). She has started to enjoy playing and exploring. She can sign bubbles (some times), want, and more. She also signs up. She says two words pretty consistently now hi and papa. She sometimes says mama and mom mom. She is drinking lemonade from a sippy cup pretty consistently. She loves anything with cheese on it and anything sweet. She is absolutely refusing all veggies now which is strange because she never used to. She is opinionated. She's gotten the hang of skyping (KJ you need to sign up and add me!). She still loves clothes and picking out her own clothes. She is trying to be more "helpful". By that I mean while Charlotte puts dishes away Delaney empties out the draw of plastic stuff and when Julia is doing the laundry Delaney picked up already folded clothes and carries them around. She still gets up every morning and finds her braces so we'll put them on her. She also brought me her glasses case after rest time so I figure she'll do that in the mornings too. She loves leaving the house and loves loves going to the playground. She's figured out how to climb the little kid stairs and go down the little kid slide all on her own. Today she even went through the tunnel by herself.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Message from a buddy

Delaney's best buddy in the whole world sent her a message this afternoon. It's hard to see her but the message she sent was awesome. Delaney kept signing more and want so I had to play it over and over. She loves her!!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Party and Random Cuteness

Charlotte had a wonderful day! We ended it by going to Red Robin to enjoy delicious food. We ran into Meredith, T, and P. So Charlotte got to have a regular little birthday party picture with balloons and friends! :)

The other picture is how we see Charlotte. She is so loving and tender and beautiful.

Charlotte Turns 13!!!

Seriously where did the time go?! She has changed so much this year. Finding her own way... finding confidence... exploring herself... becoming one of Delaney's favorite people in the entire world... it's just a lot. And through it all she's still Charlotte. She's not her friend down the street or some celebrity on tv. She's her and I love that. This year... since she's 13... I'm going to write some questions and let her answer them!

1. What was your favorite part of the year?

Charlotte: A lot of great stuff happened this past year but I think my favorite part was anytime I got to be with my family. They may be strange but so am I and I love them with everything I've got.

2. What was your least favorite part of the year?

Charlotte: Ugh! That would probably be the stress. This year has had it's fair share of ups and downs and we faced many hardships.

3. What are you most excited about being 13?

Charlotte: The good responsibility is something to be excited about. (e.g. More freedom, later bedtimes, etc.)

4. What are you least excited about being 13?

Charlotte: I'm not looking forward to the bad responsibility. (e.g. harder schoolwork, higher expectations, etc.)

5. What careers are you looking at now?

Charlotte: For right now a babysitter will do just fine, but as far as an adult, I was thinking a veterinarian or an occupational therapist. I love helping living creatures!

6. What hobbies do you have right now?

Charlotte: I like to sew, read, draw, act, sing, crochet, and... be silly! I love all forms of art but one thing is for sure that I can absolutely NOT dance.

7. What is your favorite book and why?

Charlotte: My favorite book series is the Maximum Ride series because it's REALLY cool. I kind of have an obsession. It is about human-avian hybrids. They are all kids with wings. It has action, humor, and even romance. It's like you can picture them while you read! My favorite classic is To Kill a Mockingbird. I love the characters and how beautifully it is written. I just recently finished it. I especially love the parts with Boo Radley.

8. What is your favorite song and why?

Charlotte: My favorite song is Single Ladies by Beyonce. I like the tune and the spunk and the dancing in the music video is SO cool.

9. What is your favorite memory while you were 12?

Charlotte: My favorite memory from when I was 12 was when I went to Chicago for my birthday last year. Uncle Dylan and Aunt Jennie are really fun to be with and I will always remember how the whole audience at the Blue Man Group concert sang me Happy Birthday!

10. What is your favorite food these days?

Charlotte: My favorite food is CHOCOLATE! I even married the precious jewel of the world. Chocolate is the food of the gods after all.

11. What is the biggest thing you learned while you were 12?

Charlotte: I learned a little bit more of myself. I'm slowly learning who I am as a person and I feel that I am 3 steps closer to being all the way, completely myself. It takes small steps.

12. What's your favorite school subject and why?

Charlotte: My favorite subject is science because I understand it easily and it can be really fun! I especially love genetics! I would spend half an hour doing Punnet Squares if I had the time and the resources. I even built a
DNA strand out of one of my Christmas presents!

13. What are two goals you have for your 13th year?

Charlotte: My first goal is to find out even more of who I am. My second goal is to be kinder to Julia. I can be a little rude sometimes. It's not her fault I'm always cranky!

I will post a picture she has a BIG day. She is going to her well child visit. Then she's leaving with Jess. They are going to Fork and Screen to see Date Night (a pg-13 movie). Afterwards they are going to a real salon to get her hair cut. Then we are all meeting up with the grandparents at Red Robin for a birthday dinner celebration!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Southlake with our friends

The girls were able to do their school work by the lake this morning at the beginning of the playdate. Delaney got to play with her friends without the help of her older sisters. Then as Delaney got tired the big girls finished their work and were able to help keep up with Will and Ellie. They are such sweet kids.

Deanna Rose Playdate

We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead yesterday with Meredith, T, and P. The girls all had a ton of fun. Looking at the animals, playing on the playgrounds, and exploring all the paths. We will have to visit D.R.F. again real soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're in trouble

Delaney ran into this little boy at the park this morning. She likes being fancy, likes new clothes, likes her nails painted, and LOVES boys. And by the way he was looking at her...we're in for it!

Oh and anyone that knows Delaney...her sitting in the tires for any length of time (even though she had just fallen) without crying is HUGE

Julia starts soccer!!

Saturday was Julia's first soccer game of the season. She was awesome. She was super well behaved during picture time even though some of her friends chose to run wild. Once the game started she sat down and watched. When she was in the game she was aggressive and always moving. I was very very impressed with her maturity and determination!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Pictures

Walking around on Easter

Bored in the waiting room

Swinging at the school across the street

Going Pee Pee in the potty